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About Rhiannon

First things first! Rhiannon Lee is a pseudonym which she uses because she started her adventure as a traditional artist and used her real name–Windy Lynn–for that.  Rhiannon thought it would be in bad taste to send someone shopping for a cat portrait on a surprise spiral into the world of Reverse Harem books without forewarning. She’s been throwing paint on canvases, and whatever else got in the way, since the 1990s. In 2014, she finally decided to stop being Peter Pan and go back to school to pursue her degree in studio art. While she was there, she picked up a few college English classes and fell in love with writing. She lives in the Appalachian hills of West Virginia with her three amazing offspring, their cat Thales, and her daughters six pet rat babies.
Addicted to music, obsessed with books and highly dependent on coffee, she spends her other free-time cherishing nature, consuming sci-fi movies and making things.


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